Your Well Trained Technician At Spartan Tire Brighton

June 24, 2015

When your SUV has a problem, or just needs some routine service, you might get a little nervous. Your cars so important to your life in Brighton, you need to back on the road as soon as possible with the problem fixed right the first time. If youve ever checked into some of the tec... More

Can Car Scent Keep You Safe On Michigan Roads?

June 16, 2015

Here's a travel tip that'll I'll bet you didn't know, and, it might keep you safer... The average American commuter in Michigan spends two and a half hours daily in their car. The government says a hundred thousand auto accidents yearly are caused by drivers who fall asleep at the wh... More

Spartan Tire Brighton Tire Safety: Washington vs. Lincoln

June 4, 2015

Welcome to the Spartan Tire Brighton automotive blog. Today, lets talk about the effect of tire tread depth on braking. When talking about stopping power, most Brighton and Wixom car owners tend to focus on our brakes. But our tires are where the rubber meets the road. So having goo... More

Introduction to Diesels for Brighton, Michigan

June 3, 2015

Something youre going to be hearing a lot about around Brighton, Michigan is diesel engines. Were not talking about semi-trucks and buses Were talking about diesel engine cars, pick-ups and SUVs. Most people in Brighton, Michigan are surprised to learn that around half the cars on t... More