Under Pressure in Brighton: TPMS

September 29, 2019

Have you noticed an increase in price when you get a flat tire fixed in Brighton, or have your tires rotated? It might be the result of your TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System.The federal government began requiring a TPMS system on 2008 model year passenger vehicles and light trucks. Some ... More

What Is That? Check Engine Light Service at Spartan Tire Brighton

September 22, 2019

Okay. You went to your local Brighton car wash, and while your vehicle was under the dryer, the Check Engine light started flashing. Panic! What did you just do? Something is seriously wrong with the vehicle! You head for the nearest Brighton service center, but on the way, the Check Engine ligh... More

Improve Your Night Vision When Driving in Brighton

September 15, 2019

Night driving in Brighton is not as safe as daylight driving as evidenced by the increased accident rate at night. Much of that is simply because it's dark outside.Visibility is important to safe driving. Ninety percent of our driving decisions are based on what we see. And at night, we just can'... More

Good Service at Spartan Tire Brighton Equals Good Fuel Economy in Brighton

September 8, 2019

Whether we're trying to save money, save gas or save the environment, most of us Brighton drivers have an interest in decreasing fuel consumption. We've all heard about ways to save money on gas in Michigan, but does it really add up to much? How much can we boost our fuel economy through prevent... More

Pinch Petroleum Pennies! (Fuel Saving Tips)

September 1, 2019

If you saw a dollar bill on the ground, you'd pick it up, right? Well, whether you find that dollar on the ground or in savings at the gas pump, money is money, and here are some ways to hold on to more of it. Slowing down is the easiest way to save fuel, especially for every speed increase over ... More